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Our consultants use their insider knowledge to help sellers launch, maintain, and grow their brand within the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Account Management

Amazon Advertising SP, SB, Attribution, DSP and Video

A+ Content and Detail Page Listing

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Our team is Amazon budget-conscience, efficient, and knowledgeable. We are here to help you with everything you need – from start to finish – our systems are designed to be turnkey.

We’ve worked with the Best

We have managed over $200+ million worth of products since first opening our doors in 2006. Since then, our team has learned exactly what pitfalls new product owners might encounter and which levers to pull to help make their products a marketing success.


While there are many great Amazon Consulting Companies you could choose from, but we believe the quality of our work, the great value we provide and the additional advantages we offer allow us to be a stand-out in the industry. Contact us today to discuss your Amazon Account.

$200 Million +

We’ve managed over $200 MILLION in Amazon Revenue

1,250 +

We’ve worked with over 1,250 Amazon Sellers

12 +

We have over 12+ YEARS in
e-commerce experience

don’t just take our word for it​

Joanna R

Founder, Soggy Doggy Productions

Channel Supply Experts provides a proven path to growing my business on Amazon.

Hindi Z MSW

Founder and CEO

Working with Channel Supply has been a game changer on Amazon. Karson and Connor bring so much expertise and insight to the table and have been instrumental in the growth, development, and strategic planning for my company. They not only follow through, but they continue to surpass the goals we have set. If you have the opportunity to work with Channel Supply, I highly recommend doing so right away.

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Channel Supply Experts is a Full-Service Amazon Consulting Company. 12+ years of Management Experience, Managing Small to Large Amazon Sellers.

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