Join a unique student housing cabin community.

Compact Living

Our modular cabins allow for maximum flexibility and use of small space. Eat, sleep, study (with reliable wifi) and enjoy the charm of your unique CYOUBE. 

  • Unique minimalistic design in 12m2
  • Hybrid features suitable for deep study and relaxation
  • Fully furnished including bed, linen, desk, small kitchen, storage area, toilets and security lockers

The Perfect Surrounding

CYOUBES are immersed in inspiring landscapes and are easily accessible to and from campus.

  • Located in Munich, Germany
  • Accessible by public transit to University of Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich School of Philosophy, Munich Business School, University of Television and Film Munich, and other school campuses

  • Immersed in breathtaking scenery 

Community Atmosphere

We help facilitate shared experiences with curated events and programming to connect students and build a strong community.

  • Group bonfires, dinner parties, game nights and more to enjoy with fellow students
  • All facilities can be privately booked for larger student events
  • Tech-forward platform for easy booking and communication

Shared Amenities

Your CYOUBE is equipped with the essentials, but we also offer a variety of shared spaces for you to use with fellow students.

  • Large kitchen with living room and TV
  • Coworking area with all the necessary plug-ins and fast wifi
  • Bonfire and sporting equipment
  • Laundry and cleaning services are also available

from 29€ pp/night

from 699€ pp/month

The Best Experience For Students

"As a second year university student, I really appreciated the small student community at CYOUBE. I loved sharing the communal spaces and loved how my cabin was a quiet place to sleep and study. It was also great to have laundry services I could book on my phone!"


Chris Jones


"I loved staying at CYOUBE for one semester during my masters thesis. There was a perfect balance of quiet study space and bonding time with fellow students. A truly unique student accommodation."


Christina Dove


"I stayed at CYOUBE for my first year of international studies. I loved being part of a close-knit student community, we spent a lot of time together around the bonfire. My CYOUBE was the perfect place for quiet time and study."


Kim Reeds



Discover the freedom and flexibility of CYOUBE living.

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