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(6.0L V12)


Introducing a vehicle that has completely reshaped the SUV car industry by not only offering a high end luxury experience but also performance like no other. Is it possible to be able to experience exquisite luxury in the structure of an SUV? With Bentley anything is possible. Bentley has definitely raised the bar very high by introducing the new Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV to an industry where we thought was impossible for them to fit into, but of course they have proved us wrong. Just when you thought Bentley was limited to on road journeys, they redefined the ability of their vehicles by creating one that is limitless and able to take its occupants everywhere and anywhere- just drive.

Whether it be off road, dirt road or your usual route out in the town, there will never be a doubt in the performance ability of such an exquisite piece of art. The fact that Bentley introduced an SUV into the industry was not enough it keeps getting better. It is not just an SUV; it is the world’s fastest SUV ever introduced into the industry which is what makes this vehicle a must have! Of course with the release of such an unimaginable vehicle comes the want of many to get either behind the wheel or simply be a passenger for the opportunity to have an experience like no other, and lucky for us Bentley has made just enough room for that to be possible.

The Bentayga is the first and only SUV that is able to offer seating configurations that adjust to accommodate four, five or seven passengers, allowing more room for any party size. 

187 mph

12 city / 19 hwy

8 speed automatic

5 seater


Most luxury cars have integration with your smartphone, but the Bentayga Rental takes it to the next level. If you own an Apple Watch you can control the climate control, seat massages, and every aspect of the entertainment system.


Bentley has never failed to offer top-of-the-line luxury vehicles to the industry and maintaining a certain level of exclusivity, craftsmanship, and performance within their brand. And If they weren’t already at the top of the list of your favorite luxury vehicle brands then now they should be with the addition of the new Bentayga to their fleet.

Bentley Bentayga rental
is rich in its ultra-luxury interior, having the leather-filled parlor with rich wood trims and glitzy metal accents that make its interior lush. There can be 4 to 5 seats, optional seats can be set up to 7, and all seats are designed best to provide comfort.

The Bentayga Luxury SUV Rental has enough cargo so that you can fit nine carry-on suitcases in the back. The new remote control system for passengers is also noteworthy, they can control their seats and climate. Get entertained by the infotainment touchscreens, revised rear-seat entertainment system, and wireless connectivity features. The Bentley Bentayga rental comes with12-speaker stereo, giving you an immersive sound experience while you listen to your favorite tracks. Due to this impressive feature, the passengers sitting in the rear seats can engage with the Bentayga’s infotainment system, browse the web, and play movies.


Bentley’s rental unmistakeable circular headlights, the revered badge on the hood, and the giant diamond-mesh grille will get you noticed anywhere you go. The SUVs sheer size and the glitzy detailing. Standard features include full LED adaptive headlamps, LED taillights, a panoramic roof, and twin-quad exhaust tailpipes.


The car’s top-quality performance claims the riders to get a memorable and outstanding journey to live their life to the full. Bentley Bentayga Rental has the perfect engine choice, which is a V12 Turbo 6.0 Liter producing 600 horsepower, which is always attention-grabbing. It uses an eight-speed automatic transmission and has standard all-wheel drive. There is nothing like driving a Bentley.

It features a torque of 1350rpm and can reach the top speed of 187mph. So, we hope these performances are enough for you to rent it and get the most thrilling ride with Bentley Bentayga.


Bentley Bentayga SUV Rental offers you the unique experience that a driver wants. The shorter and light vehicle with Legitimate off-road capability will give you an extraordinary journey that refreshes your soul from the core. The purest and breathtaking Bentley Bentayga Rental Miami always has something different for their drivers to enjoy,  its performance and luxury in one place. 

Are you ready to rent The Bentley Bentayga and experience luxury and performance? Come to mph club, we will provide you with the best rental services.



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