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because every student deserves a better outcome

What is the meaning of Atlega?

Atlega ™ is a local Setswana name which means to: achieve, succeed and make progress.

“…And this is precisely what we want for our children. For them to achieve, succeed and make progress in their learning and schooling.”

Atlega is a mobile learning service.

Atlega provides a learning environment that is inclusive and addresses the need for continuous access to learning material and a more cost effective option for students.


Access revision material based on your level of study


Access to a vast pool of questions, answers and explanations; Get advice on your areas of weakness.


Search online content via USSD sessions


Ask questions and get responses

Challenge a friend

Compete with your peers on any subject and see who gets the best score


Share knowledge with your friends instantly

The Star of The Month Campaign

The Atlega Star of The Month campaign was launched in 2019, as a way to promote and reward student excellence. The campaign was also meant to help students develop and adopt good habits of studying. No last minute preparations! Students were awarded tablets, school bags and stationery and other Atlega branded merchandise.

Atlega has had a huge impact. Thuto is able to identify where he is lagging behind. He has a weakness in maths, but we were shocked to see that he scored an A in maths in his final examinations.”
- Parent, Tlokweng
“My son was a B student and has improved. He recommended the app to his friend who also got an A.”
- Parent, Serowe
“It has helped my daughter and I think that it has also boosted her self-esteem. She is able to speak out and discuss with others, even with me as her mother.”
- Parent, Gaborone

The mobile learning service was conceptualized to address issues related to accessibility, inclusivity and affordability to quality education.

The learning app uses a subscription based model that is accessible via a dial string *160# from either a smartphone or feature phone, at a minimum of P2. Students, parents, even teachers have used the app as a revision tool or academic progress tracking tool or teaching aid.

This is #TheDreamToReachEveryChild

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