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No Credit Check
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Documents and information are gathered to determine if you qualify.


Once you are approved and all Documents are signed, we issue payment within 24hrs.

Types of Cases We Fund

Auto Accident


Wrongful Death​

Police Brutality

Nursing Home Negligence

Construction Accident

Medical Malpractice

Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

Product Liability

Surgical Financing

benefits of working with HLS funding

About our Owner: Alisha Honoré

Alisha Honoré is an independent funding broker, who works to find her clients the best funding options available to them. Not only is she the owner of of Honoré Legal Services, LLC, but she is currently attending law school at Florida International University College of Law. She has a strong passion for connecting with people in need and assisting them through their difficult times. She is dedicated to helping clients get the funding they need at the best rates in the industry.

She has aspirations of becoming a Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney in the near future.

She loves to connect with her clients virtually so please do not hesitate to add her on Instagram! See our IG Link below.

Contact Info:

HLS Funding is currently unavailable to fund clients living in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.*HLS Funding currently does NOT conduct business with residents of the European Union or the United Kingdom. If you are a resident of the EU/UK, DO NOT USE THE SITE. ** Other restrictions may apply.*** Funding is subjective to the particular facts of each case and not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.

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