Mission Statement

Coastal Plains Agri-Systems LLC

Coastal Plains Agri-Systems exists to provide innovative animal husbandry products, serving Food-Animal Production and Companion-Animal professionals alike.  As strong animal welfare advocates, our desire is to improve livestock production processes to reduce stress on animals as well as operators.

About Coastal Plains Agri-Systems

Coastal Plains Agri-Systems LLC was started by food-animal professionals who built their careers in the operation and management of food animals, with improved animal welfare of these animals.

Our people:

Donald James- President

Donald grew up in a rural community in North Carolina on a family owned and operated farm.
Very early in life, Donald was involved with the family operation, which consisted of field crop production as well as food animal production raising hogs and cattle on the family farm.
In 1986, Donald accepted a field service position with Prestage Farms Inc. in North Carolina, servicing contract turkey farms.
In 1992, Donald was promoted to Market Turkey Production Manager where he remained until his retirement in September 2020.
As a strong animal welfare advocate, Donald spent many years focused and learning of the importance of good animal husbandry and animal welfare.
With the desire to build a foundation for improving the health and well being of production animals, Donald spent many years participating in the programs and working closely with the staff at NCSU Poultry Science and College of Veterinary Medicine, as well as the staff at UGA and AU Poultry Science as well as many other animal production industry professionals.
In 2016, Donald became certified after completed the FACTA/ Animal Welfare Training course.
After retirement from Prestage Farms Inc., Donald began making plans to build the business, known as Coastal Plains Agri-Systems. His goal is the further development of the CAS-3 Stunning Device as well as other products to make food production more humane for animals and producers alike.

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