About the Founder

In 2016, Joshua Lapin had worked for two different solar power companies. He learned at 19 years old how the solar industry worked, how solar power systems were presented to customers, and all the industry secrets&deceptions. Josh was tired of the nonsense of the solar industry and believed that homeowners deserved better.

At age 22, Josh dropped out of Colorado State University, in the middle of the semester, to bring together the Values, Products, and Partnerships that would form SkyCap Solar. Through thick and thin, Josh and his partners are committed to offering quality, competitively priced solar power systems with unprecedented transparency, authenticity, and accountability while consulting with customers across the United States!

Why US?

Superior Panels:

All of our solar panels are "Tier 1", with great reviews and excellent product warranties. And that's just the starting point...PREMIUM panels are generally available apon request, and we'll be happy to explore your solar panel options with you!

Superior Financing:

As long as you qualify, We can provide you with the lowest interest rates in the entire solar industry, making solar more affordable than ever, with $0 down. Credit Score 650 or greater? You'll probably qualify!

Highest Quality Consultations & Quotes in the industry:

SkyCap Solar uses Aurora Solar, the best solar-design software in the industry, we can tell you with amazing accuracy how much energy your solar panels will produce, and a detailed comparison of your electric bill before and after going solar! Honest and transparent pricing, financial analysis, and projections!

We Use Great Installers for all of our projects:

SkyCap Solar has formed partnership with the most qualified, well-reviewed solar installers across the United States, and those installers build&warranty the solar power installations sold by SkyCap Solar. With excellent customer service from SkyCap Solar, and the high-quality workmanship provided by our installation-partners, you get the best all-around experience!

5 Reasons to Get a Home Solar Installation

There’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy. The benefits of home solar panels are countless, but here are just a few:

Save Money

The average homeowner saves $30,000 in a 20-year span with solar panels. In certain sunny places, that number can double.


Homeowners can offset about 100,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide over 20 years. That’s the same as driving 100,000 miles in a car.

Tax Incentives

The Federal Solar Tax Credit means you can get nearly a third of your money back on your solar installation.

Increase Home Value

Solar panels make your home more desirable, which raises your home’s value.

Safe Investment

Manufacturers offer 20 or 25-year warranties on their solar panels — this is an investment that’s built to last.

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