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Forex Kidz/Admin Plus LLC & Rock Powe Ministries is not all about just making money, our main focus is on keeping and steady growing what you make. From there our prayers are that you will join our Movement to bring the manufacturing back to America from overseas, to create higher paying jobs that in turn will translate into a stronger tax-base for the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure. We are very passionate about not affordable Health Care, but free Health Care for all US citizens. In turn we feel with a stronger US economy, things such as better care for our disabled veterans, the elderly and children with learning disorders to name just a few will be fields that will be cherished to be a part of. Their needs to be a strong paradigm shift in the way America deals with Capitalism and Corporate entities. We thank our Mentor and leader Mr. Rock Powe for his yearning to help the less fortunate. He has a unique story, but its one that’s very pertinent for this generation. He’s very serious about branding Forex Kidz. Check out video below!

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What is Mystery Shopping? If you Google Mystery Shopping you’ll get over 14 million results! In short, its where retailers hire companies to evaluate the quality of service in their stores, they often use MYSTERY SHOPPERS to get the information about the shoppers experience. Like any business model, its only as good as the information that’s obtained. In our point of view, the current mystery shopping business models are old an antiquated, its 2020, we’re innovators! We’re a group of professional company re-organizers that pride ourselves in wealth building! Our research team here at Forex Kidz came up with a new innovative way to have fun and make money from the comfort of your home, needing only a email address and the ability to simply, having fun doing what we all love to do, go shopping!

The majority of the wealthy people in corporations in America control a disproportionate amount of Americas wealth and resources.

There is a simple solution:
“Put The Corrupt Corporations out of business!”
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